Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hey doc! Please don't sleep with your patients

The bar is nearly came to its closing hour when the bar tender noticed there was a man sitting beside the window and loooking so depressed. The bartender as a good Samaritan closing up to the depressed man and this is the conversation that happens:

Bartender : Excuse me sir, but i can't help but noticing you had a very depressed look on your face, tell me what happened?

Depressed man: I'm a doctor and i just slept with one of my patient.

Bartender : and?

Depressed man: I felt so guilty,and i also got bitten on my neck..(showing his neck)

Bartender : Oh my,that is one nasty bite..but i assure you sir,its normal for a doctor to sleep with their patient

The man look at the bartender with a tear filled eyes before bursting a cry..

Depressed man: But i'm a freaking vet!!!!