Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wedding as an investment

Wedding Investment In Malaysia (Average 30 yrs)

RM50,000 Marriage expenses.
RM2,000 Monthly expenditure.
RM1,000 Wife's monthly maintenance.


First 5 years Weekly 3 Times.
Next 5 years Weekly 1 Time.
Next 10 years Once in 15 days.
Next 10 years Once in a month.


1,400 times sex in 30 years for an estimated expenditure of a whopping: RM1,130,000 +
Opportunity cost on RM50,000 spent on wedding at 3% for 30 years = RM121,363

TOTAL COST = RM1,251,363


A man spends RM893 each time he has sex with his wife.

CONCLUSION: Outsourcing is cheaper.