Monday, March 12, 2012

Give me Tiger Balm!

A guy walks into a pharmacy and says to the pharmacist, "Listen, I have three girls coming over this weekend. I've never had three girls at once, and I need something to keep me horny... keep me potent."

The pharmacist reaches under the counter, unlocks the bottom drawer and takes out a package labeled "Viagra Extra Strength" and said, "Here, if you eat this, you'll go nuts for twelve hours."

The guy says, "Give me three boxes."

The next day the guy walks into the same pharmacy, goes up to the pharmacist and pulls down his pants. The pharmacist looks in horror as he notices the man's penis is black and blue, and the skin is hanging off in some places.

The man says, "give me a jar of Tiger Balm."

The pharmacist replies, "Tiger Balm? You don't want to put Tiger Balm on that!"

The man says, "No, it's for my arms - the girls didn't show up."